Family Yoga Workshop

Animals and Emotions Family Yoga (ages 3-9 with adult)
Spring is a time when we see new baby animals at the farm and zoo – what better time to do animal yoga!  Animals have a unique association with emotions for many people, and yoga presents a great opportunity to explore our emotions through animal poses.  The next time you’re feeling a little angry, try lion pose to get that anger out.  If you’re overly excited, take gorilla pose to calm down.  Especially for children, who are still learning to identify and process their emotions, animal yoga offers a safe and fun avenue to explore those emotions and learn to effectively express them! *Bring your favorite stuffed animal to share yoga with us!

If you have little ones ages 3-9 and want to share a fun and inspiring morning, please join us! Each Family Yoga Workshop allows your children (and you!) to explore breath, body and function through asana, sound and sharing.  It's a great way to connect as parent and child and share light and laughter with your community!

Cost: $25 for up to 3 people (in the same family & must include one adult); $5 per extra person