Family Yoga Workshop - Jedi Training!

Family Yoga – Jedi Training!

Bring your young Padawan and join us for Jedi Training as we discover the force and how to use it for good!  Leave your light sabers at home as we learn about our bodies and breath through poses named for our favorite characters like Darth Vader Breath, R2D2’s arm balance, Downward Wookie, and handstands like Luke.

We will also discuss the tenets of Jedi code (which correspond with the Yamas and Niyamas of yoga philosophy): peace, respect, self-discipline and the quest for knowledge through training.  Padawans ages 3-9 are invited with an adult to share a unique yoga experience that will leave them with a sense of fun, calm and connection…as well as a new way to enjoy yoga!

Cathy Burke will guide you and your children (ages 3-9) through a fun and inspiring morning of Family Yoga! Through asana, sound, and sharing this workshop allows your family to explore breath and body. It's a great way to connect with your child and to share light and laughter with your community!